Why is alcohol prohibited for minors ?

Drinking alcohol has never been easy for an adult, and it will be even harder for a minor. That is why it is strictly forbidden for minors to consume it. Read this article to find out more about the effects of alcohol on minors.

The effects of alcohol on minors

When a minor starts drinking alcohol, it disrupts the development of his or her brain. To find out more about this effect, check it out on this site. Reasoning, planning, spatial orientation and memory can be damaged by alcohol. Apart from that, alcohol disrupts the hormonal balance in a minor, which in turn slows down the growth of bones. It should be noted that these disturbances also affect sexual development. As a result, girls may have irregular periods. In addition, the liver is smaller during growth. This means that alcohol remains in the body longer, as it is more slowly absorbed by the liver. Finally, alcohol causes self-control to decline more quickly in minors and impulsive and aggressive behaviour to appear more easily.

Selling alcohol to minors: what are the regulations?

The consumption of alcohol by minors is strictly forbidden in several countries, to the point that there is a regulation for this. Indeed, this regulation stipulates, first of all, the risk of the closure of the establishment, a year of imprisonment and a heavy fine to the person in charge of the place who will sell alcohol to a minor. Furthermore, the regulation stipulates that the manager or owner of the pub is obliged to verify the majority of the buyer by asking for an identity document. Finally, the pub owner should be aware that it is forbidden to receive unaccompanied minors under 16 years of age and that he may receive minors over 13 years of age if he has a first category licence associated with non-alcoholic drinks.