The White House Stance on Violence Towards Asian-Americans

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered unfavorable conditions all across the United States. However, things are a lot worse for the Asian-American population spread across various parts of the country.

This is not just about the spread of the virus but the perpetuation of hate crimes towards them. In this report, we reveal the reason why these groups of Americans have been the victims of hate crime in recent times.

Unfounded Accusations and Conspiracy Theories

The year 2020 has been a dreadful year for many Asian-Americans in the country. Other than the deadly spread of the Covid-19 virus, they have been the target of hate crime and somewhat ethnic attack. The reason for this is because of unfounded accusations and conspiracy theories circulating.

First, the Covid-19 virus had been referred to as the Chinese virus on many occasions by the past president. This went a long way in making people think residents with origins to the Asian axis of the globe are to blame for the outbreak of the virus.

As a result of the loss and hardship the virus caused, many violent Americans have decided to take out their frustration on this innocent group of individuals.

Also, the previous administration did very little in helping matters despite the growing number of attacks in various parts of the country.

The take of the New Administration

As inferred by Kamala Harris, the new administration is against any form of violence towards any sects or ethnic group in the United States. As a result, the law enforcement agents are going to take such crimes very seriously and ensure the proper prosecution of anyone found guilty.

Furthermore, some Asian-American groups and professional bodies have expressed their grievances and pleaded that the administration and pertinent authorities see to the protection of their lives and properties.

One of the groups inferred that publicly condemning the act is a welcome development but not sufficient in tackling the problem.