Joe Biden Does Not seem to be in Friendly Terms with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

Here is simply another way president Joe Biden is deviating from the foreign policy plans instituted by his predecessor – Donald Trump.

Recent reports from the White House indicate that the president has come out plainly to state his view on the Saudi Arabian administration and the Crown Prince at large.

The Foreign Policy Status with Saudi Arabia Is Changing

The president through his press secretary – Jen Psaki; did state that there will be a reevaluation of the foreign policy relationship towards the nation of Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, the president has halted the sales of arms to the Middle Eastern nation as it does not buy into the war they are fighting.

Other sources especially from the administration of ex-president Barack Obama believe that the Saudi administrators are in for hell under the new United States administration.

This is aside from Joe Biden’s obvious statements towards the Saudi Arabian government during his campaigns. He inferred at various points that the dealing of the nation’s administrators was of serious concern and should be paid attention to.

How the Saudi Prince may React

Although the name of the Saudi Arabian crown prince was not directly mentioned in all of these statements and utterances from officials at the White House, political analysts are somewhat certain that every one of the critical remarks was directed towards him. This is since he is not held in high esteem by the United States administrators.

There is a lot of suspense in the air thinking of how the crown prince and Saudi Arabian administration will react to what can be seemingly termed as a “public show of disrespect towards the crown prince”. This is especially despite efforts by the Saudi authorities to stop violating human rights by releasing the woman activist who protested against the policies against women driving and other people.

It is believed that the Crown prince did all these as a show of good faith to the American administration under Joe Biden. This is since the administration is committed to ensuring human rights globally.