How Facebook Flawed System Bringing Non-News Pages to the Line of Fire

Various national administrations around the world are coming up with strange policies that affect the dealing of citizens. While the policies in places like India and Myanmar are making the headlines very often, Australia is another place to think about. 

How Bad Is the Situation?

Of late, the pertinent media regulatory body in the country came up with a policy ordering digital platforms like Facebook and Google to pay for news reports they link to. In response to the policy, tech giant – Facebook; has pulled off many of these news sites from its platform. However, the flawed system has also included many non-new pages.

The owners of many of these pages are complaining bitterly as the eviction has put them in a difficult position. Many of these non-news sites make use of the digital platform for communication and other public relations business. So, the pulling off by Facebook is a huge blow for many of them.

Some pages affected belong to charity organizations, government agencies, small corporate organizations, and several others. It is yet to be seen how swift Facebook will resolve the situation.

However, this goes to prove how Facebook’s AI system is flawed given that this is not the first of its kind.

Recurring Pattern from the Tech Giant

Of late, an enthusiast on the need for some marginalized groups to partake in the vaccination program in the United States had his constructive paid advert disallowed by Facebook. The company has since apologized through a spokesperson and addressed the situation.

However, this is proof that Facebook needs to step up its Artificial Intelligence game in the face of competition from Twitter, Instagram, and other similar online platforms.

As a matter of fact, an analyst explained that this might be the beginning of the tech giant falling behind in the public relations business in Australia.

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