Today, the Courier Journal interviewed me about when is an Injunction available.  The specific question was whether fans or player could enjoin the University of Louisville from enacting the self-imposed ban on post season play.  The URL is and I hope it is an interesting read.  Apropos to this blog, I am quoted as “Louisville divorce lawyer Russell Lloyd…”.

To obtain an injunction (an Order prohibiting a party to a lawsuit from taking some action), you must demonstrate that the action affects a legal right and that you would be irreparably harmed if the Court does not prohibit the action from taking place.  Further, you must demonstrate that there is no other effective legal remedy.

In divorces, injunctions come up all the time.  Often, one of the first Orders sought is an Injunction called a Status Quo Order which prohibits parties from dissipating assets or canceling accounts.  Injunctions are common in custody actions as well, such an an Order prohibiting a party from removing a child from the Commonwealth.

I hope the article is an enjoyable read.