Wage Withholding for Kentucky Child Support

Friday is paycheck day for many of us.  For that reason, a lot of clients going through a divorce, child custody or paternity action ask about the best way to collect or pay child support.

Although it is not without flaws, I almost always suggest that child support be collected or paid through a Wage Withholding or Wage Assignment Order for an ongoing obligation.  After Family Court enters the Order, it is sent to the employer of the person paying child support.  From each paycheck, a portion of the child support obligation is withheld, then distributed to the person receiving child support.

There can be a delay in the distribution of the child support.  This usually takes place while the Central Collection Unit is setting up an account.

For the client paying child support, the money comes directly out of the paycheck.  The client always has a reliable record of what payments were made and when they were made.

For the client receiving child support, there is no “negotiating” with your former spouse or the other parent of your child.  Child support is withheld from the paycheck then distributed.  The middle man is (depending on the type of Order) either our County Government or State Government.

For my professional and entrepreneurial clients, Wage Withholding does not work.  If you do not get a regular paycheck, there are no wages to withhold.  In that case, you are better off keeping a meticulous record of the amount paid or received and the date of payment or receipt.

Have a great weekend!