To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, today I was surprised by kindness.

The direction of this blog is changing somewhat. This blog will now focus on law and politics, including the life of a full-time lawyer and part-time politician (or is the other way around).

No one should be fooled by the TV image of lawyers. It can be a hard and lonely professional existence, which includes delivering very bad news from time-to-time. Delivering bad news has never gotten easier (if it does, I will probably hang it up).

What surprises me is the willingness of people with whom you have formed a bond to carefully and considerately listen to that bad news. I am always blown away by how privileged I am to represent my clients. I am so impressed by the human spirit and the ability to be kind, even when confronted with a situation that causes pain.

To those of you whom I’ve represented, thank you! It is my eternal pleasure to share in your journey, whether at the peak or in the valley. Your humanity sustains me.