I just read an article about advising your client on social media during their divorce or custody matter. Candidly, this is an area to which I have not given much thought. I spend so much time thinking about the other party’s social media, but almost no time thinking about my client’s presence.

The article wisely advises lawyers and clients to have the conversation at the initial client interview. What accounts do you have and how public are your settings?

The article further advises that every client should, as my Mother says, “Count to Ten” before posting or hitting send. The short term gain of blowing off a little steam and letting the world know how you feel could turn into long term pain as the Court and counsel examine the impact of your social posting on your children or other areas of similar importance.

It is simply not realistic to advise clients to get off social media during their divorce or custody case. However, changing settings to “private” and thinking twice before posting are really good suggestions.