Options for Financing the Cost of a Louisville Divorce

No one knows better than you how expensive a divorce can be.  I realize that I (and my colleagues) are not cheap.  So, how do you afford an attorney to help you through a difficult process?

While financing has long been available for Plaintiff’s in personal injury cases, the same has not been true for people going through a divorce.  The Economist reports here http://www.economist.com/news/business-and-finance/21694473-firms-who-lend-people-seeking-end-marriage-are-attracting-interest-inside?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/insidethegrowingbusinessofdivorcefinancing about the growing industry of consumer based loans to finance legal fees in a dissolution of marriage.

Louisville Family Courts are authorized to advance or order reimbursement of fees and costs if there is a disparity in financial resources.  Ideally, both parties have equal access to counsel and other professionals.  This means that both parties have access to the same amount of money to pay for their lawyers, accountants, business appraisers, psychological evaluators, etc..

In reality, this does not always happen.  If one party is willing to cut off the access of the other to money, then the party in the dark can be left unable to pay for fees and costs.  Sometimes, the Courts take a “wait and see” approach, leaving the issue of fees until the end of the case.  This makes it very difficult for the financially adrift party to get the help he or she needs.  In those cases, financing could really make sense for you and your family.

Could this type of financial service be on its way to Louisville?  Time will tell.

If you have questions about Louisville Family Court, or your family is about to go through a change, please call me.  If you are not ready to talk, then please take a look at my website or The Louisville Divorce Attorney or The Louisville Divorce Lawyer.  I will help you with your difficult questions about a difficult time in the life of your family.