Today, the Louisville Bar Association released the results of its 2016 Judicial Candidates Poll.  The only Judicial race on the ballot this Spring and Fall is Jefferson Circuit Court, Family Division Nine (9).  Judge Stephen George retired at the end of last year.  There are three (3) candidates on the ballot seeking to become a Louisville Family Court Judge:  Judge Gina Calvert, Lauren Ogden and Bill Tingley.

Members of the Louisville Bar Associations were polled.  Of the lawyers polled, 563 responded.  Congratulations Judge Calvert!  Judge Calvert (currently presiding in Jefferson District Court) has the highest percentage of lawyers who view her Qualified or Highly Qualified.  You can review the results here:  2016 Judicial Candidates Poll Results 04.26.16.

On May 17, 2016, these three candidates will be on the ballot. The top two (2) candidates will go to the Fall in this nonpartisan Judicial Race.

Again, Congratulations to Judge Calvert! Remember to vote!