For 21 plus years I have practiced in our Court System, most of it as a Louisville Divorce Attorney.  This is my first year as the Chair of the Jefferson County Democratic Party Chair.  Before this year, I have been free to support campaigns however I saw fit.  This year, I can no longer fill that role.  However, Judges continue to be nonpartisan elected positions.  This year, Louisville Family Court Division Nine is up for an election due to Judge Stephen George’s retirement.

Tomorrow, both Republicans and Democrats will go to the polls.  We will select our nominees for some very important races.  The one position upon which we all, together, are going to choose is Family Court.  Please join me in supporting Judge Gina Calvert.  While we are blessed as a c0mmunity by the riches of our candidates, Judge Calvert is the very best choice.  Before becoming a Judge, she was a Major Felony Prosecutor for our Commonwealth Attorney, had a successful family law practice, and represented children in high conflict family law cases in Louisville Family Court.

Regardless of some of the comments made by her opponents, she is ready for every case which will come before her as a Family Court Judge, and has a wonderful family of her own (yes, both of those things have been said).  Frankly, her dignity in not diving into the mud tells us all who should be our next Family Court Judge. 

Remember to Vote!  Please remember to turn over the ballot and Vote Judge Gina Calvert, Louisville Family Court Division Nine (9)!