Kentucky Moves Into The Twenty First Century With CourtNet?

Not too long ago, a very functional and helpful CourtNet went from an online lawyer lookup service available to members of the Kentucky Bar Association to the portal for electronic filing.  Mark Twain is often quoted as saying “When the world ends, I want to be in Kentucky.  Things happen there twenty years after they happen every where else” (or words to that effect).  Long after PACER became available in Federal Practice, CourtNet made the change to an efiling portal.  All of this begs the question of whether Kentucky Moves Into The Twenty First Century With CourtNet?

As CourtNet changed, it also changed from a site managed by the Commonwealth to a site outsourced, in part, to a legal publishing corporation.  With each change, it has become less reliable.  It should have been a Cassandra moment when Annie O’Connell and I went to efiling training and the demo site did not work.  The poor instructor kept saying “Now, imagine….” as he was describing an unseen page on CourtNet.

Each and every Tuesday, as the deadline for the filing of Motions for Circuit Court, Family Division, draws near, the site ceases to function.  If only Tuesday were the only day of shaky functionality.  I spent the better part of this afternoon watching the pinwheel turn as the uploading of a jurisdictional Motion was frustrated.  Thanks to the Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk for indulging me as I drove like a bat out of H E Double Hockey Sticks to file my client’s motion.  Thanks to the Deputy Clerk who did not run screaming from me as I huffed from my poor efforts at rapid movement.

The irony is that CourtNet functioned so much better when it was designed and managed by Kentuckians.  While functionality scaled up with the addition of efiling, the contract to ginormo legal publisher is an abject nightmare, measured by reliability.  Let’s hope the service improves so that our clients’ needs are met.