Kentucky Divorce Changes Your Estate Plan

This past week, a client unexpectedly passed away, leaving two (2) young children behind.  It made me think about crucial steps everyone who has just gone through a divorce should take.

My closing letter to my clients, following entry of the Decree dissolving their marriage, includes instructions that they contact an Estate Planner and revisit their Last Will and Testament or other Estate Plan.  Entry of the Decree dissolving your marriage does not necessarily void your Will or other Estate Plan.  Make sure that you have in place a plan to protect your children and loved ones in the event that you pass away.  I have a list of wonderful attorneys who can help you and would be more than glad to make a referral.

Divorces change everything in your life.  Make sure your Estate Plan is a road map that cares for your family.

Another time to consider your post Divorce Estate Plan is when you consider remarriage.  How will your children be taken care of after you pass?  What happens if you have more children?  If those are questions you have, then you should contact me to discuss whether a Prenuptial Agreement might be in your best interest.

Sorry for the dark topic, but my client’s death really threw me for a loop.  She was fortunate to have a close and loving family to take care of her (and now her children).