Electronic Filing has finally come to our Circuit/Family Courts.  Presumably because of the volume of filing, Louisville is the last county in which E Filing was implemented.  Now, almost all of the paperwork in a divorce or custody case may be filed online.  Likewise, we will receive Orders and other documents from the Court online.  This should improve the speed at which you get information about your case.

For the client, little should change.  I will still need help from you, from time to time, to prepare pleadings to file.  When you finish your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Affidavit, or Preliminary Verified Disclosure Statement, Melanie will scan and then electronically file the document with the Court.

Ultimately, I hope this improves client experiences.  E Filing should reduce some of the cost of your case and increase the pace at which I am able to give you information.  It will likely be a work in progress for the next year.